Gear shaper series:
CNC Gear shaping machine model YL5150CNC
Description Unit Specification
Max.workpiece dia     inner gear  
extend gear
mm 500
Max.module mm 8
Max.stroke length mm 147
Max.width of workpiece mm 120
Stroke speed(variable) mm 0-1250
Dia.Of spindle mm 85
Dist.From the nose ofspindle to
the face of face
mm 120-240
Center dist.Of cutter and mm 0-340
Dia.Of worktable mm 550
Bore of worktable mm 160
Cutter spindle back-off at its upmost position mm >0.5
Radial feeding(variable) s/m 0.12-16
Rapid radial feeding mm/min 3000
Max.rotation speed of worktable str/min 2000
Main motor     power   speed rpm 6
Servo motor of cutter rotation power kw 15
Servo motor of cutter rotation speed rpm 1000
Servo motor of worktable rotation power kw 6.9
Servo motor of worktable rotation speed rpm 3000
Servo motor of radial feeding power kw 6.9
Servo motor of radial feeding speed rpm 3000
Hydraulic motor power kw 3
Hydraulic motor speed rpm 1430
Lubrication motor power kw 1.1
Lubrication motor speed rpm 1500
Cooling motor power kw 1.1x2
Motor of chip conveyor power kw 0.55
Motor of chip conveyor speed rpm 1500
Total power kw 43
Size( L x W x H ) mm 2800x1600x2800
Net Weight kg 8500
YL5150CNC gear shaper is longitudinal layout high speed gear shaper, which mainly used for shaving and processing internal, external spur gear and helical gear . The turret structure is hydrostatic and aerostatic bearing.
And the machine tool is rigidity, stable and reliable. It's spindle stroke number can up to 1600 times / min, so it's processing efficiency is very high. The main campaign is drived by the variable frequency AC motor;It through the column moving to realize radial feed when is cutting,motor drive is served by alternating current; With the inclined cutter mechanism,which can be achieved with less teeth number cutting; The machine spindle has a stable and reliable automatic stop mechanism; The electrical control use Siemens CNC system.The repeat positioning accuracy of the machine tool is high, the operation is simple and convenient,it has fault self diagnosis function, can realize the parametric programming,and can design cycles and each loop cutting according to the need. The main electrical and hydraulic components imported or domestic famous brand products. It's precision machining precision can up to grade 6.
It can according to the special requirements of the user design, manufacture of helical gear, rack accessories processing accessories, gear processing accessories, burr removing device and automatic feeding device and so on; It can provide swing working table which can process bevel degree teeth. The machine tool is especially suitable for mass production of automobile, motorcycle, engineering machinery, new energy industry and industry of machine tool to use.
Remarks:All the specifications are subject to revision without in advance.Please contact the manufacturer for special request on the machine